An Open Letter To The Democratic Party

An Open Letter to the Democratic Party:

Today I received 5 emails from you, all frantically begging for donations in order to stop passage of the AHCA. In none of these emails did you elaborate on how my (or anyone’s) contribution will affect the outcome of the upcoming Senate vote. Even if the money is spent on an advertising campaign, it will not influence one Republican Senator’s vote, they simply are not listening.

The Senate Republicans have charted their course. They will provide minimal discussion during the week, add a few amendments to mollify the supposed holdouts, and it will pass on Thursday or Friday with Pence providing the tie breaking vote. The only thing that can stop this chain of events is action by the Democratic Senators, not by soliciting more donations.

It’s been suggested that the Democrats can place an unlimited number of amendments on the bill, thus stalling it indefinitely. While I fully understand that such a tactic is dangerous, since the Republicans will no doubt use it against you down the road, these are desperate times. Unless you have an equally formidable strategy, then I suggest you use it.

The AHCA is the most self serving, cruel bill ever to be put forward. It was crafted out of malice for President Obama, and greed for the wealthiest Americans. I, along with millions of others have marched in the streets, made calls, emails, tweets and facebook posts trying to protect the ACA and prevent the AHCA from being passed. The caring citizens of this country have done all we can, now we have to put our faith in you.

So, you’ll forgive me if I’m a little offended by your constant pleas for donations. It sounds like you have no strategy at all. I realize the fundraising part of the party is not connected to the actual Senators, but right now the ball is their court, not mine. Let’s see some real backbone, some Republican style dirty tricks to keep this monstrosity from passing. If you’re successful, I’ll consider making a congratulatory donation.