My Mission Statement

I wrote the following on facebook a day or two after the election. Two months later I even more passionate about opposing this regime and standing up for the rights of those who will be oppressed. The only part I disagree with is that I’m no longer convinced the election was fair. There was clearly Russian influence, but the depth of which we will never really know. This still remains my mission statement though, and will for the next four years:

Like many people, when Trump won the other day I was shocked and dismayed. I actually felt sick to my stomach the entire night, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of Trump’s America.

He was fairly elected, and I do respect the process, but I have zero respect for him as a man or as a leader. He is a blatant racist and misogynist, and some of his proposed policies are completely unconstitutional.

I intend to oppose those policies by any means in my power. I just signed on to the ACLU’s email list. I will sign petitions, donate money, and attend protests when I am able. In my daily life if I see white supremacists (and there are some of them in upstate NY) harassing people, I will be calling cops and taking videos.

If his disastrous environmental plans come this way, I will stand against those too. And when I can afford it, I will donate to those opposing him elsewhere.

This is going to be a very long four years, and goddess forbid an even longer eight, but I’m ready for the fight.

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